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Sign up for an Rdio account (or log in to Rdio if you already have one) and listen to full albums here on Fathom.

Rdio is not available in your region, so you won't hear music in Fathom. You can still explore as much as you'd like, and take albums to your favorite service using the buttons in the lower-right of the big album.


Fathom is meant to be a playful, immersive environment for exploring and discovering new music. It uses artist and album recommendations from and plays music from Rdio.

If you're logged into the Rdio site, you should hear full tracks. Otherwise you'll hear 30 second samples.

You can also log into Fathom with your Rdio account for additional features.

Fathom was conceived and created by Ian Gilman, with design by Kevin Hanes.

Click on albums to play them (they'll move to the center position). Use the Q button to queue albums up to play in sequence. Once the queue runs out, albums will be played at random.

Space bar plays/pauses. Right and left arrow keys take you to the next and previous tracks, respectively.

If you're logged into the Rdio site, you should hear full tracks. Otherwise you'll hear 30 second samples.

For technical support, go here.

The Fathom bookmarklet makes it easy to get back to Fathom with artists you find on Rdio or

To install, drag this --> +fathom <-- to your bookmark bar (just below the URL bar in your browser). Then, when you're on an artist or album page on Rdio or, hit the bookmarklet and it'll take you back to Fathom with the artist from that page.

Fathom is in continuous development. You can file bugs on github.

Fathom is built with Google App Engine and jQuery, using APIs from and Rdio.


Now that you've connected your Rdio account to Fathom, a couple new features are available to you:

  • You can use the "Skip Artists From Collection" feature (located in the menu in the upper right) to only see albums that you don't have in your Rdio collection.
  • You can add any album you see to your Rdio collection (via the menu that appears when you hover over an album).

Happy collecting!